Magdy Elshabba - Southern California's Premier Mortgage Broker

Providing in-depth knowledge on real estate and loans.

Buy or Sell a Home

We'll help you buy or sell any home - with expert knowledge to help maximize your investment.


We're connected with hundreds of lenders and mortgage programs - we promise industry-low rates to minimize your monthly payments.

Full Service Brokerage

We provide market analysis, renovations before sale, and much more. All to maximize your profits!

Attention to Detail

Our full service brokerage can assist you in the home buying/selling stage as well as the loan approval side. We employ a team of processors that work tirelessly on your behalf, making sure that no stone is left unturned. Real Estate can get tricky, and we have the expertise and knowledge to guide you to the finish line.

I value honesty, and hold my clients' best interests at heart. I am here to provide exceptional value and advice, and will always be available for questions you may have.

Mission Statement

As a real estate professional, my ultimate goal is to treat my clients like family. I'm here to guide you through the home buying or selling process - I have the expertise to maximize every milestone of your transaction. As an investor myself, I'm skilled when it comes to the current markets, securing deals, creating a marketing plan, and renovating to increase your return on investment. The bottom line is that I will handle every aspect of your unique real estate situation, all while providing friendly customer service. I'll be at your service 24/7!

No Pressure Agent

Honesty and integrity are vital to all real estate deals. I will never pressure you to make a deal or do anything you aren't comfortable with.

At your service

Closing a deal on time is what you hire the professionals for. Our 100% on-time closing rate means you can trust the financing to us!

Long Term Commitment

I aim to foster a long term relationship with my clients. I'll continue to provide customer service even after working together, and will always be on the lookout on ways to save you more money!

A trusted agent to the best clients

I love working with the amazing, talented people of Southern California. Cheers to making your real estate dreams come true!